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Profile Management

The student profile shows an overview of course performance and student contact information. The student profile shows the student information your institution allows, such as information on their academic and scholarship eligibility, as well as Contact details and student's scanned documents, including LC,Aadharcard.

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Attendance Management

Student Attendance

Staff Attendance

Holidays Management

Bio Matrics Machine Integration

Send Absent SMS

Daily Diary

communication tool between the school and the family

parents to regularly keep up with their child's school work


Generate Dynamic certificates

Leaving certificate

Bonafide certificate

Character certificate



Send circular To Multiple Students.

Send circular To Multiple Staff.

Send circular to perticular group.

Student Alumni

Provides Alumni information.

Helps to find alumni student history.

Admission Management

Admission Inquiry/Follow up

Issue Admission Form

Admission Form Fees

Online Admission

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