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Admission Management

Admission Inquiry/Follow up

Issue Admission Form

Admission Form Fees

Online Admission

Student Profile Management

Complete Student Profile Management

Student contact information

Student's scanned documents

Bulk Student Import

Student Id cards

Student Reports

Attendance Management

Student Attendance

Staff Attendance

Holidays Management

Bio Matrics Machine Integration

Send Absent SMS

Daily Diary

communication tool between the school and the family

parents to regularly keep up with their child's school work


Generate Dynamic certificates

Leaving certificate

Bonafide certificate

Character certificate



Send circular To Multiple Students.

Send circular To Multiple Staff.

Send circular to perticular group.

Student Alumni

Provides Alumni information.

Helps to find alumni student history.

Fees Management

Single page Fees configuration.

Multiple institite Fees collection from single window.

Online Fees Collection.

Fees pending SMS.

Multiple Fees Reports.

Wallet Management

Virtual cash wallet for Hostel Students.

Auto transaction from wallet.

Wallet ledger reprt for each students.

Account Management

Basic Accounting

Receipt,Payment,Contra,JV etc..

Deposit Management

Deposite import facility from Fees.

Pending Deposit details.

Deposite payment and history.

Learning Management

helps students to learn from home.

Teachers can share course materials, YouTube videos etc..

TimeTable Management

Easy timetable configuration.

Lecture overlaping alert.

Lecturewise attendance.

Lession Planning

helps teachers be more effective in the classroom.

Providing a detailed outline to follow each class period.

PDF upload facility.

Homework / Assignments

Teachers can send daily home work.

Students can download from mobile application.

PDF upload facility.

Exam & Report Card

Exam management

Marks Entry and Reportcard.

Marks entry rights management.

Dynamic reportcard management.

Transport Management

Manages routes and point

Automatic fee apply accrding to Route.

Staff Quarters Management

Manages Staff Quarters

Quarter wise asset management.

Library Management

Book Management with Barcode.

Issue and return books from students/staff.

Fine Management.

Store Management

Items purchase management.

Items sales management.

Stock reports

Inventory/Indent Management

Items Request management from staff.

Vendor Management.

Quotation Management

Create purchase order

Goods receipt note

Stock Management

Asset Management

Work order

Question Paper Setter

All type of question master.

All languages supports.

Less time for question Paper generation.

Contacts Management

Categorywise Contact management.

Easily contact search facility.

GatePass Management

Visitor gatepass with webcam.

Hostel student In/Out gatepass.

Gatepass register.

Online Classes

Whiteboard sharing.

Video conference of host and students.

Document sharing

Mute/Unmute facility.

Login from mobile application.

Online Examination

Computer-based test system.

Verious ty of questions.

Multiple choice Question

Fill in the blanks.


Matching option.

Auto marks calculation.

Online Fees

Pay fee from website/application.

Online receipt downloading.

Online Admissions

Fill admission inquiries from website.

Admission followup.

Online admission form fees.

Staff Attendance

Offline attendance

Auto push attendance from Biomatric machine.

Holiday management.

Shift management.

Pay Roll Management

dynamic formula setting

Adjustment facility in salary.

Single click salary generation.

Staff Reports & Appraisal

Staff reports

Salary appraisal facility.

Staff Daily Reporting

Staff Daily Work Progress .

Team Reporting management.

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